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Bitcoin Quotes That Every Investor Can Relate To
Bitcoin Quotes

Howdy Bitcoiner! Are you looking for Bitcoin quotes to show your love towards the digital currencies? If you answered "YES" then this post is definitely for you, My friend!

We both know, the popularity of bitcoin has triggered immense reactions from various interested quarters over the years. And, now it has evolved from the underworld virtual currency to a new investment craze.

Influential people have sought to join the conversation, offer their input. Professionals, experts, authorities and many others have had their say about bitcoin on diverse platforms.

The bitcoin conversations have attracted fierce supporters and critics in equal measure. Below we have compiled a list of 40 famous quotes about bitcoin that you can relate to:

Bitcoin Quotes:

1. Complaining that Bitcoin is volatile is like complaining that the sky is blue. BTC is volatile because its real value hasn't been priced in yet. Once that occurs, volatility will be gone and people will no longer be able to afford a whole Bitcoin. You're lucky. Enjoy the ride!

2. Some people will still be skeptical about Bitcoin at $40,000. These people are called morons.

3. Bitcoin went from $0 to $20k with no central bank, market makers, or buy-in from institutions. Just HODLERS.

4. Let them print money forever.... Because Bitcoin can eat money forever!

5. Money without master. Rules without rulers. Freedom without fiat.

6. Fiat ends is disaster. Bitcoin is forever.

7. Unstoppable code. unstoppable money. unstoppable freedom.

8. If you think Bitcoin is going back to $3k, I have some bad news for you. Santa Clause is not real, your parents made it up.

9. Bitcoin is for from government.

10. Exactly 0 Bitcoins were printed to finance the government's action.

11. Yes, owning Bitcoin is risky...but owning no BTC at all is probably the riskiest financial decision of our generation.

12. The year is 2028. Bitcoin just dropped 50% and is currently trading at $224,000. Bitcoin Critics: I told you Bitcoin is scam. It's down 50% again.

13. If you want money, get fiat. If you want scarcity, get gold. If you want gains, get stocks. If you want all of that in one asset, get Bitcoin.

14. If you think Bitcoin is hard to explain try explaining the current monetary system.

15. Banks are saying that Bitcoin is for criminals. So it would make sense if they are actually secretly buying.

16. Money is no longer real. It's fake money backed by nothing. Saving counterfeit money is insanity pure insanity. - Rich Dad Poor Dad

17. My bank account was freezed today because I've been investing in Bitcoin all week. So I had to call my bank & wait on hold for 30 minutes to talk to someone to unfreeze it. Which was a good reminder of why I was investing in BTC in my first place.

18. Once everyone uses Bitcoin, only criminals will still use fiat criminals.

Why? They're the ones that print it.

19. Cryptocurrencies, everything you don't understand about money combined with everything you don't understand about computers.

20. Everyone wants the reward but few will ever take any risks. To the risk takers go the reward.

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Thank you & Stay SAFU! 🙂

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