Proven Strategies & Tips To Grow Your Instagram Page

Tips To Grow Instagram Page & Followers
Tips To Grow Instagram Page & Followers

Are you looking for the tips & strategies to grow your Instagram page & increase followers? 

If your answer is yes, then congrats! You're at right place my friend. In this guide we'll make you walk through the do's and dont's to help you build social presence on Instagram. 

Ever since Facebook changed its policy for the online businesses, Instagram is the new hub for advertising. Be it a local business or a large global brand, everyone wants to grow their social presence on Instagram due to the fact that it is a highly targeted visual marketing channel.

If we talk about the numbers then there are more than 500 million active users on Instagram everyday among which 80% of are youths who follow at least one business account.

So it's natural every marketers & influencers want to make money from their Instagram page while promoting stuffs of major brands.

But like any other social media platform there are right ways, wrong ways & cleaver ways to use your Instagram profile.

Scroll down to see the most effective ways used by the professionals to increase the engagement on their Instagram posts, which eventually helps them to form a strong community of followers.

8 Proven Strategies & Tips To Grow Your Instagram Page:

1. Post Positive Content

Believe it or not, content is the king and there is no substitute for creative content. If your content is great, original and speaks with your audience, people are going to like, comment and tag their friends and probably save it to their collection.

Take an example of Airbnb, instead of just promoting themselves they post snippets of the lives of their hosts around the globe which helps them to create curiosity among the users.

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2. Post Frequently At Regular Intervals

A study conducted by a top notch marketing agency (tailwind) shows that the Instagram account that share content regularly with their followers tends to have more engagement as compared to others.

They analyzed more than 100,000 Instagram post for three months & then came to the above conclusion. Apart from that they noticed their follower growth rate also saw a huge spike.

The thumb rule is to post at least once day and have patience. The more you post on Instagram the more likes you'll get.

3. Use The Appropriate Hashtags

Using the right hashtags will help you to reach the audience that is not following you. At last your goal is to engage with your current audience while also growing the number real & active followers.

Posting the new & interesting content will satisfy the first requirement. And using the appropriate hashtags would result in gaining more impressions & visibility towards the new audience.

#PROTIP: Using the hashtags is one thing however using the relevant hashtags is completely different thing.

We'd suggest you to use free tools like Websta to find the relevant hashtags that your competitors are also using. This would help you to make a strategy to stand out of the crowd and steal some of your competitor followers. 

4. Use The Right Filters While Posting

Yes, you read it right! Keywords are not the only thing you need to pay attention to! 

Trackmaven, a marketing agency, conducted a study on Instagram to see how filters affect the engagement rate among the followers. And it says, when in doubt use the Mayfair.

Engagement Rate On The Basis Of Instagram Filters
Engagement On The Basis Of Instagram Filters

According to their research, the top five Instagram filters are:

1. Mayfair

2. Hefe

3. Ludwig

4. Lo-Fi

5. Juno

5. Use Geo-Tags For Local Discoveries

This is the feature often used by major brands in their Instagram posts & stories! Yes, this helps them to spread awareness in their targeted area. 

Let's say, you have a bakery in the Los Angeles then why would you want to target the audience of New York.

Locations not only have their own Instagram feeds but also their own Insta stories just like hashtags. 

6. Collaborate With The Influencers & Organize Giveaways

This strategy could help you to gain followers at the lightning speed however it depends on certain parameters. First, You'd always reach out to influencers only in your niche who have a massive fan following.

However, if you're just starting then working with the micro-influencers is the best option to get started. If you can get your post featured on their page, your account will reach out to all of their fans at once. isn't it intriguing?

Ask them to collaborate with you to organize a giveaway for their audience. You may set certain rules for their audience to be eligible for the contest like following your Instagram account or subscribing to your brand's newsletter.

This way influencer can redirect their followers to your Instagram account or the website.

7. Post At The Right Optimal Time

According to a study conducted by the Sprout Social, content posted at different times during a day makes a major impact on the engagement & the follower growth rate.

Their research says, the best time to publish on Instagram is 5 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m., or 6 p.m. to maximize the engagement rate. 

Tips To Grow Instagram Page & Followers:
Image Source: Sprout Social

If you look at the above chart, you'll notice the post published on Thursdays drove the most engagement in the week hence you should always schedule your Instagram posts in advance to suit the optimal timings.

There are ample of tools in the market that claims to provide the feature to manage Instagram account & schedule the posts however I have always had faith in Crowdfire

It is a super smart social media manager that save tons of time & is trusted by 19 million people around the globe. We'd recommend you to register here for free to give it a shot and try not to get addicted. 🙂 

8. Engage With Your Audience & Followers

We have discussed to use filters, hashtags in Instagram posts to grab the attention however it would be of no use if you don't use the right caption that prompts your audience to respond and engage with you & your content.

Your caption provides a valuable space where you can tell stories. In general try to use open ended questions to encourage your audience to engage with your content. 

Always remember, the caption you use must set the tone for you to connect with your followers. And, once you start getting the comments or personal messages, make sure you respond to them.

Many businesses try to go with the automated messages which does not make a human touch and that's not what you should be doing. Appreciate the enthusiasm of your followers and try to have a conversation with them. 

Believe me this tactic if performed well would help you the most to gain real active followers as people may refer their friends to your account if they are into the same niche. 

A study (again by Sprout Social) shows that 83% of social media users wants the brands to engage with them. The study also showed that being honest, helpful & friendly helped the brands in boosting their followers growth rate.


Instagram is a great place for content creators & marketers. However, growing the outreach on Insta will require a lot of efforts, patience & good proven strategies.

At the end, I would say two things. First, make sure you create a Instagram page & a brand that has the all the traits discussed above and keep up the good work consistently. 

Second, if you liked this post, don't forget to share it on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. Thank you!

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