Savage Instagram Captions For Hookah Lovers

Hookah(Shisha) Captions For Instagram
Hookah (Shisha) Captions For Instagram
One of the pleasure of smoking a hookah is that you can choose a flavor of your choice among hundreds of different essence.

Did you know? Hookah originated from a traditional Arab water pipe often called Shisha. Anyways, If you a hookah lover and looking for Instagram captions for your next post with hookah then here we've created a list of cool phrases you can.

These are not ordinary hookah captions, you can use them as a status, quotes or even as an Instagram bio. Please Scroll down to view whole list.📜

Savage Captions For Hookah Lovers: 

1. Life is short do stuff that matters.

2. Smoking hookah  is nothing like smoking a cigarette.. cigarettes are for nervous people, people who are on the run... when you smoke hookah, you have time to think. It teaches you patience, tolerance and gives you appreciation of good company. - La Sultana Cafe.

3. What can I do to make you happy?? She replied, pass me the hookah!

4. Hookah is like a women, you have to work with her before you can get the white smoke to come out.🤭

5. Hookah is meant to be like a soupstone, bringing people together in harmony using very little. Try not to smoke alone when you can.

6. Lets keep calm & smoke a hookah.

7. I went on a diet, stopped smoking hookah, cut out the drinking & heavy eating, and in two weeks I lost 14 days!

8. If you don't smoke hookah, I don't know why! 😏

9. Inhale good shit & exhale bullshit.

10. When I smoke shisha - aka hookah, I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

Thank you for reading! I hope these captions will help. If you like them then please share the love with your squad.

Photo by Mochammad Algi from Pexels

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